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             公司經過十幾年的發展,通過員工的努力和廣大客戶的支持,公司現已擁有強大的研發團隊,獨立的質檢實驗室和包裝車間,能夠為行業工作者提供800,000種各類實驗設備,世澤生物自主研發生產分子生物學,細胞生物學; 植物組織培養試劑產品。公司所屬品牌有:

      FTC lifescience: 從事分子生物學,細胞生物學研究和產品開發;





      Shanghai Shize Biotechnology Co., Ltd., established in 2004,           

      With a registered capital of 5 million yuan, it is mainly engaged in the R & D, production and sales of reagents, consumables and instruments in the field of biological research. The company is famous for its honest and reliable service and practical professional work, and has gained good reputation among its customers.           

      After more than ten years of development, through the efforts of employees and the support of customers, the company now has a strong R & D team, an independent quality inspection laboratory and packaging workshop, which can provide 800000 kinds of experimental equipment for industry workers. The company independently develops and produces molecular biology, cell biology and plant tissue culture reagent products. The company's brands include:           

      FTC life: engaged in molecular biology, cell biology research and product development;           
      Rapro: engaged in plant tissue rapid propagation research and product production;           
      Sinoseds: engaged in R & D and production of scientific research instruments.     

      In the future, the company will build a better laboratory, cultivate a better R & D team, develop more high-quality products, and provide customers with better services to thank our customers for their long-term support and recognition.

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